The Transparency Project

The Transparency Project is a nonprofit organization that fights political corruption, particularly in the judiciary and the legal profession. TTP was organized by Ty Clevenger, an attorney who grew tired of watching judges and lawyers get away with things that would send most people to prison.  Ty has forced two federal judges into retirement, triggered a grand jury investigation of the Texas Attorney General (who was subsequently indicted), prompted the indictment and conviction of a corrupt district attorney, and sued bar prosecutors to force them to investigate Hillary Clinton's lawyers for their roles in destroying email evidence.  TTP intends to purse similar cases.

TTP accepts donations from the public and is applying for tax-exempt status with the IRS.  We intend to:

Force state bars to prosecute corrupt lawyers. In many states, the law requires bar prosecutors to investigate facially-valid complaints against lawyers. In reality, bar prosecutors routinely dismiss valid complaints against powerful and/or politically-prominent lawyers, regardless of what the law says. A lawyer with the right political connections (like those who represented Hillary Clinton) can get away with almost anything.  As necessary, TTP will sue bar prosecutors to force them to comply with the law.  TTP will also ask legislators to crack down on lawless bar prosecutors.

Force the government to prosecute corrupt judges. Like politically-connected lawyers, judges often operate above the law. At present, federal judges (and many state judges) investigate complaints against other judges in virtual secrecy, and the available evidence suggests judges routinely "circle the wagons" to protect one another. U.S. Senator Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has introduced legislation to create an independent inspector general for the federal judiciary, and TTP strongly supports the idea. TTP intends to conduct its own independent investigations of judicial corruption and make its findings available to the media and the general public.

Strengthen freedom of information laws, and use them to expose government corruption. The federal Freedom of Information Act ("FOIA") was designed to protect public access to government records, but government bureaucrats routinely thumb their noses at FOIA in order to cover up government misconduct. More than ten years ago, Ty wrote a column for the Society of Professional Journalists about how federal officials refused to enforce the Freedom of Information Act, and not much has changed since that time. Like other organizations, TTP intends to use FOIA in support of its own investigations, but it also intends to go a step further: TTP will pursue administrative, civil, and criminal penalties against the bureaucrats who flout the law.
On March 14, 2018, Ty filed a FOIA lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Justice and the FBI to force the release of records concerning the murder of Seth Rich. Although that may not be a typical case, TTP will support that litigation as well as new FOIA cases to be filed in the Spring of 2018.  If you want to donate specifically to the Seth Rich litigation, you can go to our GoFundMe page. You may also send donations of any kind to The Transparency Project at P.O. Box 20753, Brooklyn, New York 11202-0753, but please include a note letting us know whether you want it dedicated to the Seth Rich case. We plan to create an electronic donation portal as soon as the IRS approves our tax-exempt status. You can reach Ty Clevenger (TTP's executive director) at 979-985-5289 or tyclevenger at yahoo dot com.

BTW, if this website seems a little primitive, it's because this website is a little primitive. Updates coming soon!